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Ran into ShelbyNY

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In orange county,ny the town of Montgomery there's a mustang car show every saturday host by orange counrty mustang. Which, I belong to but never gone to a meeting yet. There were three shelby gt there one blue one white and the owner was a tall white dude and shelbyny he was the only brave one to approach me and talk to me. The big white kept checking out my car but didn't say a word to me it must have be my uncle who got him nervous. He's from brooklyn you know where stang mafia started out :drool: he had his 67 fastback gt there. Nice chatting with you SHELBYNY. Wicked drive up!!! I promise to take my meds and have my wife leash me to the car with a muzzle.

Forgot we got busted for launching off the light of course my uncle dusted me and he still won't tell me what's done to his motor but he's gone when he hooks up.

BY the way it's exit 5 off 84 to mickey D'S


Racer out



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