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"GT500KR like" H-Pipe Installed


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I know I said I would have had them posted two days ago after they were installed but I did not have the time!

There are 5 videos, the first one is completley stock so you can skip that. 2nd is stock x-pipe but no mufflers so you might wanna skip that too.

The 3rd is h-pipe with no mufflers. The 4th is h-pipe with the stock mufflers and the 5th is a flyby with the h-pipe and stock.


Currently I am running the h-pipe with no mufflers. It's loud and I'm loving it.


In all clips, the car is left to idle for 10-15 seconds. Then a 1st rev to about 3k-4k, 2nd rev to 4.5k-5k, 3rd rev to 6k-6.5k. Lastly is a slow acceleration and then a slow deceleration.


1st Video (Stock) -

2nd Video (No Mufflers) -

3rd Video (H-Pipe no Mufflers) -

4th Video (H-Pipe) -

5th Video (H-Pipe Flyby) -


For some reason in the 3rd video after the 3rd Rev it hangs at 6,000 RPM for a second long. It's not the video, i heard it in real life. It was only that one time, any guess why?

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