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Why "Global Warming" was renamed "Climate Change"

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So now we are headed for anothe ICE AGE???


Send your money quick!!!!





..ice ages are to be feared much more than warming, since historically their onset is so quick (at least in geologic terms)........plus it is just plain easier to deal with a few degrees warmer than being covered with glaciers....... :censored:

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This subject is riddled with factual inconsistencies but I will address just the sea ice issue. If you listened to or read the recent mainstream media reports on sea ice, you would get the idea that the polar regions are experiencing rapid warming and that the sea ice is going to disappear.




Here is the chart of global sea ice from a site that believes that global warming is occurring:




Cryosphere Today


Look at the chart, we have MORE than the long trend average sea ice area now.


Before you just read the news reports and believe them, check the raw data, it's not that hard to understand!

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