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2010 Mustangs hitting the dealerships now

John Canfield

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Got a call night before mast from a friend who saw a hauler unloading 2010 Mustangs. Got by the dealership this morning, and they hand about 10 new 2010s, both V6s and GTs. Various colors and options.


Some observations:

I like the V6s painted grille surround better than the black GT surround.

The GTs black chrome pony does not stand out well.

The V6 sports no fender logos. Not good.

The rear quarters kick up is way cool. Very '67-'70.

Don't like the black GT wheels very much.

Still don't like the Crown Vic style center vents.

Hood bulge is way cooler than I expected.

Really don't like the rear end, especially the outsides kicking forward.

Should you ever lose a lid for a 5 gal. paint can, the fake gas cap will do nicely.

It should also serve well if Steve Rogers ever comes back as Captain America and needs his shield.


Overall, thumbs up. Some details...need work.

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I took a test drive in the 2010 GT yesterday and I have to say the car is much more responsive than my '07 and the brakes are very nice and firm. I like I alot of the updates they did but some options are a bit much like the rear camera and the rear end is hard to get used to. But overall I nice upgrade.

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Looked at few today. Luckily there was a 08 SGT next to the 2010 GT and I have to say the 08 looked way better! Side by side with the 08 the rear of the 10 seemed, I don't know, just wrong. It's like they did it just to change it! It really doesn't flow or fit the car, IMHO! But that's my take, others may feel different! The interior, while it looks better overall materials wise, seems like a hodgepodge of ideas and has no real look or symmetry, I just didn't get it, but again maybe that's me! I did like the hood but noticed it's the same hood styling as the Ford Focus with the middle rising up.


Anyway...wasn't impressed and don't think I'll be looking to buy one in the future. To me it seemed Ford changed the things no one asked them to and left things we've all asked to be updated just as they were. :headscratch:


It's too bad...I was looking for a reason to buy a new car.

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With the Challengers on the road and the new Camaros just now hitting the pavement I understand the need to refresh the 5 year old design. In the next year or so I think we'll see some hardward changes that will make the pony even quicker (maybe even some surpises in Birmingham...I hope).

Sadly, I saw a late model Accord coupe today, and it had an achingly familiar rear and. Much like the 2010 Mustang, just done a little better.

I'm hoping Ford is rounding up its best talent to give us something really remarkable for the Mustangs 50th...

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Tom and the gang over at Santa Margarita Ford brought one to the weekly TGIF event (Crusin RSM) in Santa Margarita last Thursday night. Have to say - not impressed at all. The front end - so so (it may grow on me over time) - the rear - not even close. The one they brought didnt have a spoiler on it. MIGHT look better with the spoiler - but so far I am not impressed at all. Here are a few pics from last Thursdays event (the 2010 specificaly).









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