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Perfect April Cruise


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I took advantage of a rare day of great weather this week and took the wifey up to the Suncadia Resort lodge for a nice lunch. Weather was sunny, no wind, 70, no humidity! The car just loved all the cool dry air and was running sweet! :peelout: The run up to the resort is a nice windy road along the Yakima river. Beautiful views of the mountains and river. This is the first time out with the car this year as we have had so much snow. Anyway, had to share and rub it in because it was a Tuesday! :poke:


Suncadia Resort is in the cascade range ~ 1.5 hrs from Seattle



Brand new lodge is very nice!



The copilot



View from inside the lodge



Mt. Stuart Range



Going home


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Forgot to mention that when we pulled into the resort the greeter was an older retired gent that just loved the car. Said he had an older GT that was modded and that I was driving his dream car. Had a nice talk until we finally had to break free as a couple of cars had backed up behind us. I think he could have talked Mustangs all day. Definate car guy. :shades:

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