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Heads Up California Drivers

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The California Highway Patrol has taken delivery of the first batch of Hemi Chargers. They have an observed top speed of 157 or 158. They are all slick tops, meaning that they have no light bars (there is some talk that the light bars out there are not stable at the top speed). Presently, there are only 1 or 2, maybe 3, per division but more are coming. The Crown Victorias have an observed top speed of something like 137 but it takes them a while to get there. The Hemi Chargers get to their top speed in a hurry. I have talked with an officer who has driven it at 140 and he reports that it is comfortable at that speed. He did report that there is a bit of lightness at the front end at that speed. No report on whether the CHP will get a splitter just for them that will keep the front end glued down.



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