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Have any of you 2008 SGT owners noticed the paint bubbling up (rusting) from underneath just outside the edges of the billet covers for the hood pins. Look very closely around the outer edges. I have seen this on quite a few cars that have been left outside unsold at dealerships. I live in the northeast region. I guess the winter weather has affected this. The reason could be when the holes were drilled into the hood the billet caps are not water proof and this started the rusting process. I wonder if this would be under warranty. The only fix is to have a body shop repair and paint this area which sucks to have paint work on a new car. Let me know what you guys think . I think to have prevented this silcone should have been used to seal underneath this billet cap. The circular rubber pieces are not enough to prevent water or moisture from getting into srew holes.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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