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Shelby Team Poland


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I am sure you are not the right person to speak to but I'm not a memeber of ShelbyTeam and yours was the only e-mail I could find. Can you please foward this message to appropriate person?


I was asked by on organisers of First Mustang Fanclub of Poland Annual Meet to inform you of our event. Our club is completly new with less then a year on a clock. We are having our first big meet to commemorate 45 years of Mustang in Lodz, Poland on 18th April 2009. It will be held in a historical part of one of the oldest cities in Poland. As of today 55 cars are scheduled to show up. The idea behind the event is to do a static display of our cars available to general public. We aim to get as many people intersted in the car as possible.




:happy feet: :happy feet:

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please post up some pictures after, always wonder what poland looks like.





It looks like Germany.

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WOW! :happy feet: Great pictures. I had no idea how large the Mustang world was. The local cruise night I went to on Tuesday had 150 cars show up, only 6 Mustangs: 1 Saleen, 1 GT500 vert., 1 1964 1/2, 1 GT350 clone, 1 SGT-H, and my SGT. You guys have us beat. Good job :happy feet:

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