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Magnaflow 3'' Catback 4sale!


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I've had them on my car for about a year. (4k miles) Lethal sells em new for $665 http://www.lethalperformance.com/07-09-she..._2057_2247_3593 (the ones in the middle) What does year old used exhaust go for. $325? buyer pays shipping.


They just aren't loud enough for me. I've looked into the muffler deletes and they are all 2.5 inch axlebacks, and will NOT mate up with the 3'' intermediate pipes in my kit. I was going to have a shop make me a custom 3'' muffler delete, but haven't had any luck. First, all the magnaflow double walled angle cut tips have a 2.5 in inlet. Second I can't find a shop in a 2 hour radius that has SS 3'' pipe. They all want me to buy multiple universal bends for them. It's just TOO much. I decided the easiest thing to do would be to sell my 3'' stuff and use my stock cat to axleback pipes, and buy the 2.5 magnaflow muffler delete.


This stuff is still on the car, but I ordered the deletes already and can have it all off in a couple hours if need be. Any question, just ask. This set up will fit on any GT500 or Mustang GT.






I tried to post this in the classified section, but it said I don't have permission to post there. :headscratch: Do you have to be a PAID member???

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