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Link to latest evolution performance response


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Looks like rice to me.




Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but the car really does not approach what is usually considered rice. I try to save that comment for the spoilers that are duct taped on, and the fart cans sticking out from the rear bumper :hysterical: they should be whacked for putting their banner on the front windshield tho. :doh:


I think chrome or polished wheels are more for me, but as DC said, keeping any nice wheel on the shelby will require a lot of cleaning; I just refuse to let that be a limiting feature.


Your GO vert looks good. GO was my first choice, but I switched over to white w/blue like CWH. I had to get my order in and was just not sure how the GO would turn out. Still wish they had offered it with black stripes.

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link to svt performance thread


I really like the stance of the car they posted. And the wheels are kind of growing on me.




I can't believe how much nicer the white mirrors look. The wheels are pretty good too.


How about this....we ALL agree to paint our mirrors body colored. Take photos at car shows and send to Ford...maybe they will get the picture. So...


body colored mirrors....manlaw? :hysterical::hysterical:



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