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Want to say THANK YOU, Sue Morris


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Dear Shelby family,

I never imagined that I would be sitting down writting this letter to a group of people who enjoyed one of the hobbies as my late husband Lamonte Morris SR. Lamonte couldn't have introduced me to a greater group of people, and I really enjoyed the shelbyfest the last 2 years we attended. I would like to apologize for the late thank you letter, but this is very hard for me to deal with right now. I want to thank you for all the cards, donations (WOW) and especially that beatiful picture with my husband giving his family the thumbs up, It keeps us going daily. You guys have pulled together and made a Huge impact on our lives and for that we are forever so grateful!! God Bless You all and Thank You for keeping our family in your prayers!


Sincerely Susan Morris, LSR wife


P.S I cannot get off work for saturday shelbyfest but mickey and cindy will drive back early sunday morning and lead me and lamonte jr. back down there for the sunday breakfast and cruise, I just can't find my around quite yet but getting better!! See you all soon!!, Sue

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