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AZ Saford to Alpine and Back Fun Run June 09!!!


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:shift: Summer is fast approaching. Here in South Eastern Arizona we have some of the best back country highways in the country. I am polling to see if enough interest might be generated to have a fun run. This would go from Safford, to Morenci/Clifton then to Alpine to Mule Creek and back to Safford. About 250 miles of back roads. Nice fun highways, places to eat and of interest.

It would be a nice leisurely day but lots of fun potential and awsome scenery.


Clifton - was once home to the Ward Canyon Hill climb race. Well known by some back in the 60's and 70's.

Morenci - One if not the largest open pit mine in the world. :dance:


Alpine - sits at 9000 feet nice high country town


From 2800 feet of elevation (Safford) to 10200 at at Blue Vista back to 2800 (can see forever). Sounds fun!!!


Any interest? :happy feet:


Just some thought.



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