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07SGT0471, Trip to SAI for the Whipple 550 S/C KIT!!!!

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Dreams do come true!!!! I will post more when I get a chance, the feeling driving my SGT past the track to SAI was really a great one, very very excited at this point!! Thanks SAI!!!!!!!!!!


I met Bud in person and some of the other folks there as well...GREAT PEOPLE!!!!


Video of my trip down...




turn the volume way up when you watch this it makes it better.


I want to add that Bud is THE MAN!!!! Rock on!!!

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Awesome Mccoy,


Congrats, i am assumming you and your Dad are flying home and comimg back in 2 weeks when your car is done.So the big question is what mods are you getting ? :drool:


Scotty :lurk:

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MAN I AM SO JEALOUS oh I mean happy for you.


Thats a great video I like how you left the camera on at night when you were sleeping in your hotel room, was that to record any fools messing with your car?


Yeah Bud and everybody from SAI are great people.


Looking forward to the cruize home video

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Thanks all of you guys, as was mentioned by Wicked, I had been wanting to get the car s/c'd at SAI for awhile. And as many from the old forum know and probably from this one as well I had ruminated forever on which brand of S/C to get. My main dilemma was solved when the certification was pulled from the Paxtons as the history of those and the looks really appeal to me. I want to say to that I have been on this site since I bought my car in July 07, and going to SAI was an even bigger kick than driving my car off the lot.


Just for the record, I say Bud is the man, as he has always answered my questions quickly and thoughtfully since I began inquiring about the s/c's along time ago. He sent me a picture or two of my car...andthat Mod shop does not mess around...see below...




Mind you this was Wensday afternoon. Dropped the car off right before lunchtime Monday....pretty cool. Here is the last I saw of it in person parked next to the SGT 427 Pace Car...





My car is 100% bone stock right now, I do have some sequentials but never installed them.




So the only Mod I am having done at SAI right now is the whipple. I am unsure of what I want to do next, I just knew that the option of getting a S/C at SAI was something I have wanted to do since the beginning. I have driven some pretty high hp cars and I like them alot. I know that I will need more tire probably very very soon...I am unsure of what I want...kind of thinking old school spun aluminum centerlines. I know that I want 18". I cannot wait to autocross the car next time should be brutal...and alot to juggle...I think I will learn the absolute definition of throttle control...haha. I sold a R1 after I bought this car, supossedly to mellow out...so much for mellow...haha!


My Pops lives 1/2 time in Vegas so I will be flying back to pick the car up...and he will drive me around ...but I secretly think he wants to talk Bud into just letting him pick it up...Haha.


I cannot wait to drive the heck outta this thing, I was getting to the point of really being one with the stock set-up, so my learning curve will start again...


Some funny asides...So my Pops was following me in his SUV to SAI on the long back road to LVMS and SAI which at that time of day

was a deserted back road, we were being followed by a LVPD car, so I got into the slow lane and the officer turned. Pops smiled, knodded his head and cranked it up to 80 in front of me in the slow lane...I let him get way up then blasted by him at 140 in the fast lane...he lives 10 minuites from LVMS and I think he seriously wants a Terilinguia after that experience. When I was a kid he used to blast around in his 66 GT fastback with me inside doing 100+ every once in awhile. It was the first car I ever drove when I was in 7th grade...Pops was and is cool, I am glad he was there with me...he gets it.


Another funny thing was that a "65 mph windstorm and blowing dust" was forcast the day after I got there, my Mom was totally worried about the car, more than I was. Being from the PNW you learn that forecasters are off alot. My folks just bought their Vegas house and the drive way has no curbcut for some reason. Most of the neighbors have steel plates over the curb. We went to Lowes and got some planks cut up threw them in the trunk of the SGT and got that sucker in the garage. Wind never came but we were better safe than sorry.


Another aside if you do not have a radar detector get one, saved my butt twice on the way down there. Oregon has A LOT of highway patrol and they were very fond of following my car on the highway for MILES, I did get pulled over for no front plate eventually but not ticketed. Watch out on I-84 in Oregon! The mountain twisties are fair game for "spirited driving" but everything else is highly patrolled.


I averaged 76mph on the trip and 23.4 mpg on the trip, according to the computer, I drive with my foot in it hard most of the time. Utah and Idaho the limit is 85mph most folks are going about 95 it seems...pretty cool.


The SGT is amazing on the highway as I am sure you all know, I love a 4th gear downshift to the floor blast...haha.


Driving the car into small town gas stations brings people with cameras and every gearhead in sight to check it out. Pretty funny.


The Mod shop is cranking out some SS cars and some SS 427 cars as well, a guy was picking his up when we were there...looks very busy. Bud also mentioned another forum members SGT was getting the KB there and was getting the finishing stripe put on. Had a great conversation with Bud there...he's pretty funny too!!!





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No doubt, and awesome story and it is driving me crazy to get my 08 shelby gt-c in there. I am also getting the whipple 550 kit and a rear wing and dash pod. It will be transported 1,500 miles by fedex auto-transport. I will of course want and will be driving It home 1,500 miles. I am finding it hard to control my salivary glands just looking at your car in the mod shop. :drool:


Congrats again you lucky dog. one of the 1st shelby gt's to get the whipple 550 super charger upgrade at SAI.



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I hear you Scotty I had been drooling for awhile, and man was I excited to pull into the parking lot at SAI!!

I think it was good however, as I got used to the suspension and the car before bumping it up in HP and if Carnuts dyno is typical...well worth it!! :happy feet:


Bud had said that mine was indeed the first SGT to get the 550 kit at SAI, pretty cool, and I am totally honored and grateful to have the opprotunity.


Also you will be in terrific hands with Bud and the fellas... My car was treated like a gold brick when I dropped it off and the guys looked it over very very throughly. And we had a great conversation to boot, most of all it was fun! No uptight stuff around there, SAI has a top notch crew even at the cafe. I noticed it at the 427 race as well!


We also checked out the cars in the museum area and when I go back I am going to go on the tour...I am stoked!!!


They were having all Mopar drags the weekend I was there. Cool! I have my CS driving shoes in the trunk and I may bring my helmet down with me just in case there is an event where I can get the car on the track at LVMS when I go back to Vegas...


After seeing a Terilinguia and talking with Bud, the Terilinguias are looking super cool to me and my Pops...now if my wife could only ditch that Passat wagon! Haha!

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I hear ya back,


i know that Bud and the gang are top notch and feel extremely comfortable with my baby in their hands. Also i am with you on the Terilingua's ; i would love to add an 08 Terilingua to my stable of 08's. Matter of fact that would be my dream garage ; (gt500 vert / shelby gt-c s/c / terilingua) all in grabber orange of course. Enjoy the awesome ride home and look forward to seeing more pic's. :drool:



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The Mod shop is cranking out some SS cars and some SS 427 cars as well, a guy was picking his up when we were there...looks very busy. Bud also mentioned another forum members SGT was getting the KB there and was getting the finishing stripe put on. Had a great conversation with Bud there...he's pretty funny too!!!


I wonder who he meant. :yahoo:

Well, technically it's hers, but I drive it around the country enough.

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