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VMP Dynotuning in Virginia area April 18th and 19th...


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I may be bringing my Mobile Dynojet to Virginia and doing some dyno-tuning and dyno-days while I am up there. I am looking at having the event in the Reston and Hamptons areas, or both. The dates would be the weekend of the 18th and 19th or possibly the 25th and 26th.


If you are interested in dynotuning or tuning email me asap justin@vmptuning.com


Dyno-Runs will be $60 for 2 pulls with air/fuel ratio and printout.


Dyno-Tuning will be $250-$450 depending on your level of modifications.


For the GT500 guys I can bring pulleys, intakes, tuners, throttle bodys, heck even TVS's and install and dynotune on the spot.

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