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NASCAR and/or Tony Stewart Fans


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Hope this is ok to post as I thought there might be some interest. Some background first: My friends lost their son to SIDS 2 years ago and last year to celebrate his B-Day they organized a softball and charity auction to raise funds for the SIDS research foundation, First Candle. They raised $50,000 and it was such a success they are doing it again, see attached flyer.




This is the part you may be interested in; a friend of theirs who works for Coast Fabrication was able to get donated the actual side panel off of Tony Stewarts car from the Daytona 500. Although there is no letter of authenticity he has guaranteed it is the actual panel from the #4 car driven in the Daytona 500 "There is no letter of authenticity, however there are details to this panel that make it specific to Daytona. Also, I have the word of the team that this panel was sawed off the actual vehicle. My next step is to have the boys on the team fire me over a letter acknowledging that the material is authentic and providing a good word for both the organization and your family." It is large about 8' long by 27" high th_TONYSTEWARTDAYTONA500.jpg


If you are at all interested in bidding (100% of the proceeds are going to First Candle) please let me know and if there is enough interest they said they would work something out for submitting bids by email or via a website.


You can also check out information on the tournament here:





Thank You!


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