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BMR lower control arms installed but now.....


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I havea noise that seems to be coming from that area.


There seems to be a metal to metal sound like the bars are loose.


I tightened them to 129 ft lbs, but if they weren't tight enought; could this be the cause.


I also still have some wheel hop, before at 3000 rpm and mash the pedal it would hop all over, now I have wheel spin til about 5000 rpm then hop.


I did grease them good before intall and after.


Any ideas on the clumking noise and the still wheel hop problem.


Car is stock except for mufflers.




BTY I installed red bars on a Vapor car and they look great.

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I'm not a big burn off king so I'm the wrong one to give total wheel hop advice, but I will offer these comments.


1. I have the BMR lowers only.


2. I have no clunking whatsoever.


3. I have done a couple test burn offs 1st thru 2nd gear. The tires just spin and there is no hop.


Carry on. :lurk:

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If you want to get rid of the wheel hop LCA are not the problem. I have had 3 gt500's and did different things to each one and by far the Roush UCA anti wheel hop kit is the best, no wheel hop and no NVH problems with the Roush parts. I have had the Steeda Lowers and they didn't work had NVH problems also steeda's service was the worst, try getting replacement bushings they do not have them. The Roush lowers or nice but they do not get rid of the Wheelhop. On the 09 I did just the Roush Upper Control arm and thats all it took it fixed the issue with the wheel hop The Roush UCA Part number is 401788

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