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Thinking of this doing this


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Kooks header exhaust and x pipe. Adds 44 rwhp.





But I have never changed an exhaust setup is there a better way to achieve the gain in hP and exhaust sound?


A Cold Air Intake and Tune can get you 60-80 HP right there. Pretty quick to put back to stock too. But, does not change the sound.


Add changing the stock SuperCharger pulley to a smaller one, and you can pick up another 30-40 HP. There are ones that look stock too. But have not done it yet myself as there is a good bit of effort to do that, and a nice chunk of change (especially if you do not happen to have a good pulley-puller around and have to buy/rent one).


Are those CatBack mufflers Catalitic Converters? Could not tell as I had to play with the sound off. But if you are planning on passing emissions testing without a Catalitic Converter....good luck with that.

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The H.P. is easy! The sound is what you need to address. Removing the cats from what I hear does the trick. I've even heard of guys passing sniff tests without them. But from what others are saying, It sounds like you might be able to do it with SLP loudmouth axle backs. http://www.lethalperformance.com/07-09-she...exhaust-p-17046

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