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Shelby Acronyms Page


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Figured we needed some more fun here so add what you can to the list.


PSDS = Pre-Shelby Delivery Syndrome (Creater/Founder by the one & ONLY Rufdraft)


SPEED = Shelby Power Excitement Every Day (withdrawals)


ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing


MADD= Miffed About Delivery Delays


APMP = Almost Peed My Pants


FRFT= Factory Reject From Plant


HTGIB= Had To Give It Back


WIHR= Wish I had Replacement


PSHP= Passenger Sh!t His Pants.





Edit: term correction

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More terms:


GS = Greasy Salesperson

CLAM - Car Loves Additional Modifications

Salesperson = Some Arrogant Lug Expecting to Sell People Every Really Standard Original Nameplate

PEALED = Production Estimates Are Lied about Every Day

RUF = Really Uncluttered Fufu engine compartment :beatdeadhorse:




Just kidding RUF, I know your Rufstang can beat my Honda CRV. :hysterical:



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