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Back to school!

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Ok so as many of you know I was fired from my job at the bank. I look back on it now as a positive learning experience.


Now that I have some free time, I have been thinking a lot in a career and not a job. Don't get me wrong being an accountant wasn't bad at all, I love math.




I think I might have a change of heart for a career path. I've been looking at both Wyotech and UTI schools to attend the High performance powertrain classes or the Nascar tech classes.


I am also going to school in July to get my C.A.D design certification license. This puts some fire into me and excites me more than I have ever felt. I'm paying out of pocket for the C.A.D design because I'm horribly afraid of taking out a loan. Attending Wyotech or UTI would put me back around $23,000-$30,000. I can't afford that right now so I will have to take out a loan which sucks.


Does anyone know of a great student loan program that is very reasonable in interest?


Also has anyone attended either Wyotech or UTI or even both lol. Any suggestions on which would be a more hands on approach to learning and experiencing the mechanical aspects of the car? :confused:

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