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Let us never forget

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Apparently it is false that the UK and Univ of Kentucky are not teaching about the holcaust. However, Iran continues to deny the occurence and threatens another holocaust. As does other members of the muslim world.

OK I figured that I would have heard about that on the news somewhere!

Either way, the fact that anyone would deny that this ever happened is sad and twisted.



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Thanks for sharing and we should never forget ! It's amazing what Evil people are capable of.Some of that same Evil is alive and well today, I hope and pray that this great Country doesn't grow to weary to keep up the fight against Evil that threaten's us and our freedoms during this, our watch.

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I watched Frontline's Memory of the Camps when it was first broadcast on May 7, 1985. I have the VHS tape I made and watched it so my wife could decide if she wanted to use it in her Holocaust unit. She deemed it too intense for 7th graders.


My daughter who was 5 at the time asked me why I was crying. I couldn't explain it to her.


You can watch it "online" on PBS here:




I suggest you watch it alone. Few can watch it in one sitting.


Alfred Hitchcock helped edit the ending.

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