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This car is OFF THE HOOK!!!


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Today was a kind of second chance at a first impression. When I bought it a short while back, I had a chance for a short spin then had to take it home to store it again. Weather since then has been the pits, but today was a beautiful pre spring day, so I took it out to give it another run. Well well well well....words are hard to come by. So I'll just stick to some of those second try first impressions *L*:


- ride quality; this car is really not bad at all, and we have some terrible roads. Mine even has the FRPP lowering springs and it's still pretty damn comfortable. I know we all have different tolerance levels for what is a good ride or not, but the car soaks up our rutted roads without crashing and banging at every pothole. It just shrugs it all off very nicely, again IMO.


- shifting; definitely notchy when cold, but once warmed up it smooths right out and slips pretty easy between gears, even at high rpms. Went so far as to try a few 1/2 gear power shirts - agian, the transmission/clutch dealt with that very nicely, no hang ups or balking at all. Pretty well useless thing to do on street tires though as it just annilated them going into second LOL.


- power; Just simply does NOT stop pulling!!! I have the 2.7 pulley and am seeing just a bit over 11 lbs of boost on the stock gauge. Don't know what accurate it is, and it's a bit hard to see in bright light, being so small. And again, the tires are way overmatched in trying to hook this thing up in the lower gears.


Yup, this car is going to be a LOT of fun!!! :shift:


P.S. Even got to give the car it's first wash when I got back. You're not really up close and personal with it til that first hand wash *L*. All jokes aside, got the change to really inspect it close up from head to tail and the car doesn't have a blemish anywhere. It does have some very nice lines though, especially the flared fenders and the very aggressive front end treatment, especially menacing in black!

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Glad you got to rock the 500 after the winter wait.

It is indeed an impressive car, and I am about to do some suspension and power mods and be impressed all over again.

Being spoiled here in SoCal, I drive mine everyday, rain or shine!


I definitely envy those who can drive year round for sure. But then every spring, it's like driving it for the first time all over again *L*.



Dump a Big Boy Whipple under the hood and you'll know the meaning of the words "HOLD ON" :happy feet: :shift:


Gotta learn how to really drive it as is first! :peelout:

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