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Tomorrow night on HD Theater...Will it go for $15 million???


There are lots more than #26/CSX2601 going on. Several of the cars that were at the Shelby American Collection in Gunbarrell (Boulder) are on the block. I hope that the new owners will keep them there and even maybe the owner of 2601 will decide that the Shelby American Collection would be a good place to keep it. I didn't win Powerball last night so it won't be mine :(


For some reason or other I have an intuition that Ron Pratte might be in Indianapolis for a few days. I hope so.


Here is a brochure from Mecum of the major Shelby cars:




I've personally seen several of them. The 289 Cobra, CSX2430 (#13 red) and the GT350R #5014R were regulars at the Gunbarrell museum. I hope that the new owners will leave them there but that seems unlikely.

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