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Some before and after shots


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Nice job on the Tiger any photos of the car?


Some more recent ones -



With the factory Hard Top - necessary for long trips.




With the LAT option racing stripes. I removed them soon after this picture. The glue was 40+ years old. I may have them painted on some time in the future.



The day I backed it off the truck.

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Nice Tiger! Great work on the dash and engine. I had a Mustang with a 260. I knew I found the right shop to work on it when they knew what a 260 was. I got really tired of being told I was wrong, it was a 289, and there is no such thing as a 260.....

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The Tiger was such a beautiful car and it had such a wonderful sound.



The Tiger still is a beautiful car and has a wonderful sound ;) There are just much less of them.




Thanks guys for the complements....hope to meet many of you at Shelbyfest.

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