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Even MSNBC is beginning to see the light!

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When all this spending doesn't have the desired effect, remember only 9% of the "stimulus" goes to infrastructure, the people, not the media, they love him too much, might just see him for the political hack that he really is. They will never roast him like they did Bush, they would deem that racist no matter how badly he fails. He might be "quietly" rendered a buffoon, like Jimmy Carter who helped give us Hamas and that lovely regime in Iran.

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edit - and WOW, Obama's approval rating is dropping fast!!!




Yes. This is where you have to seperate the popularity of Obama from the popularity of his policies. He has always been more popular than his policies, as the polls have always shown.


His policies have always been the tired old Leftist Socialist polices that favor the few wealthy elite class like Pelosi, Clintons, Gates, Buffet, Hollywood, academia and Big Media celebraties, wrapped up on the false advertising of "Caring about the little people".


One of the many big whoppers during the campaign was that he could cross the asile and unite everyone. This from the guy who voted the highest party line than ANY senator: Dem or Republican.

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