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Supercharger for the 2010 GT


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My dealer said my 2010 GT will be manufactured the week of March 16. I wanted to get a supercharger installed but they said it is not available yet. Could be 4-6 months before it is available. I am trading in my 07 GT 500 and so you can see I am used to having HP. Yes, it does not make sense to get rid of my gt500 but I have a reason, my back will not let me use the clutch anymore.

Anybody have any other info on a suoercharger from Ford Motorsport?

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Not sure about a Ford blower - try the Whipple or Kenne Bell web site (or Vortech).

As Ruf mentioned, there are plenty of other blower choices out there. Many are warranty friendly. My Vortech V2 is 50-states emission legal, and 3/36 warranty compliant according to Vortech. Other brands offer kits like that, as well, if you can't get an FRPP blower soon enough.

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