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3rd annual Pacific NW Meet & Greet - Sat. May 30th 2009


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RSVP now closed. We have the maximum 40 cars.


I will maintain and keep updating this First post with the members names that are going to be attending the event. RSVP is required so I can provide enough food.


RSVP List.

Screen name and First name and year & make Mustang / Shelby & (color).


1. Grabber. Rob & Tana. 2007 GT500 (Grabber Orange)

2. 96 Black Pony. David. 1996 Mustang GT"S". (Black)

3. Spring Lil Cobra. Richard & Romana. 2009 Shelby GT500 (wht/blue)

4. Slabo. Bob & Pam. 2007 GT500 Vert. (Black)

5. Vapor08GT500. Alex & ? 2008 GT500. (Vapor)

6. whitebird11. Wally & April. 2007 GT500. (Grabber Orange)

7. kahmann. Ken & Landa.2008 08 Shelby GT. (blue)

8. Five Oh B. Brian & Shirley. 2007 Mustang GT Coupe. (Alloy Gray)

9. Badtony. Tony & Julie. 2007 GT500. (Vista Blue)

10. SteelSteeds. Lance. 2008 GT500. (Alloy)

11. jnj3891. Jim & Joyce. 2007 Shelby GT. (Black)

12. Quadshot. Curt & Kathy. 2008 Barrett Jackson Convertible. (black/red)

13. Lgs ShelbyGT. Larry & Cindy. 2007 Shelby GT. (Black)

14. Jumper2325. Reen & Karin. 2008 GT500 Vert. (Black)

15. Jimz06GT-H. Jim & Deana. 2006 GT-H.

16. cobra 07. Chuck & Bev. 2009 GT500. (White)

17. Hisssss. Mark & Barbie. 2007 GT500. (Alloy)

18. Stalwart. Stuart & Jane. 2009 GT500KR. (Red)

19. MY500SS. Dan & marji. 2007 GT500SS. (Red)

20. cluscher. Chris. 07GT500 coupe. (black/tungsten)

21. dave c. Dave and Sherri. 2007 Shelby GT/SC (Black)

22. lbfdengineer. Gary and Susie. 2007 GT500 (Red)

23. 8sgt441. Adam & shirley. 2008 shelby GT Vert. (Blue)

24. RiverRunner. Rich and Donna. 2007 SGT. (White)

25. Red Diver. Don & Teri. 2007 SGT/SC. (White)

26. GT500SS133. Chet & Carla. 2008 GT500SS.(Grabber Orange)

27. BryGuy. Bryan. 2007 GT500. (White/Red)

28. bkdraft1. Duane & Betty. 2007 GT500 (Red/Wht)

29. GTH176. Mark and Linda. 2006 Hertz. (Black/Gold)

30. Mustangman33. Jim and Ann 08 GT500. (Vapor w/Black stripes)

31. Sgt2666. Ron and Wendy. 2007 Shelby GT. (Black)

32. Joker. Robert and Stephanie. 2008 GT500 SS. (Red)

33. 05FSTBK. Deryn and Sandy. 2008 GT500. (Blue on white)

34. 500PLUS. Jeff & Christine. 2007 GT500 40th. (Black)

35. GT500Ron. Ron & Kathy. 2007 GT500. (Red)

36. bkdraft1's friend. John. 2008 GT500KR. (Black)

37. bkdraft1's cousin. Darrel & Debbie. 2006 Saleen 282. (green)

38. glroy. Glen & Lisa. 2007 GT500. (Black)

39. pjo. Pam & Jim. 2006 GT Boss. (Silver)

40. FireSnake. Leon & Cynthia. 2007 GT500SS. (Vista Blue)

41. putnamdo. Bryan & Dee. 2007 GT500. (Alloy)

42. Gun Oil. Win & Sam. 2008 GT500 vert. (Red)

43. Dthiess. Dean. 2009 GT500. (Ebony)

44. MustangMissy. Missy, Steve, Meco, Marcus. 2007 GT500. (Red / White)

45. MustangMissys Dad. Dennis. 2009 GT500. (Black / Red)

46. GTH176's friend Andy Papp. 2006 Hertz 186.

47. sgt266's dad. Ron. Saleen S7 twin turbo

48. steeltech. Steve. 2008 SGT.

49. mccoystudio. Randy & friend. 2007 SGT/SC. (Performance White)

50. FordFan1. Diane and Kerry. 2008 SGT. (Blue)



If you are coming a day early or staying an extra day I have set up a Group rate at the Best Western Hotel 2 miles from my house. It's brand new. When you call - Tell them you want the Team Shelby rate. It $82.99 which is $17 off their summer rate. Here's the link:



To order a T-Shirt, see this thread:


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3rd Annual Pacific NW Meet & Greet.


On Sat. May 30th 2009 we will be gathering for the 3rd annual Pacific NW Meet & Greet. Last year we had 26 cars and it was a blast. I will be providing the food and soft drinks and music. $15 bucks a couple will be needed to cover a great home cooked lunch and a porta potty. Please RSVP if you want to attend. The event will be held near Vancouver WA in Battleground at my home. I will be sending my address and phone number to all the people that want to attend in a PM as we get close to the event. If you need to map quest the area, my zip code is 98604.


The schedule will be as follows.


9am – Early arrivals start showing up. This allows you time to wash your car if you want. Soap & wash supplies & air blower will be provided. The Coffee will be on early if you feel like showing up to have a cup with me.






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12 noon to 1:30pm – Barbeque lunch and visit with everyone. We will be having Barb-B-Q Hamburgers, Chicken, Polish dogs & Hot dogs & barb-B-Q baby back ribs. Plenty of Soda and water will be provided.





















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2pm to 4:30pm – Group cruise thru a scenic area TBD. I still have to plan the ride out. It will be a fun one.










Some of us will be going out to dinner after the cruise like we did last year. All are welcome.





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Anyone else from CA or OR want to have a caravan up???


Vapor08GT500. Alex & ?? (somone to detail car). 2008 GT 500 Vapor.

Vapor, I'd be up for a caravan too. I'm in Sacramento and will be attending.


Rob, here's my RSVP.

kahmann - Ken & Landa - 08 Shelby GT (blue)

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Rob, ya forgot mine to, but thats alright, i answer to most anything. April and Wally. Thanx




At least I had the first letter correct. Lol. :hysterical:


Correction made & noted.

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My wife and I are in as well! If we can't find a sitter, we might also have our three year old if that's ok.




I added you to the list. What's your wifes name? Is your GT500 a 2007?


Thanks so much for your offer to help....I will take you up on it for sure. :happy feet:



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