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Pioneer to Supply Navigation unit for Shelby


Factory Installed Navigation System In Shelby  

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  1. 1. Navigation In Shelby

    • No Navigation System
    • Nav with Sirius
    • Nav with no Sirius but Shaker 1000
    • Nav with Sirius and Shaker 1000
  2. 2. At What price

    • up to 250.00
    • 250-500.00
    • 500-750.00
    • 750 or more

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Is anyone here familiar with the Navigation systems built by Pioneer?


It appears as though they are the supplier for the one to be installed in the Shelby very soon.


How many would add a Nav system to a Shelby order if avail and at what price?

When I first saw your question I was going to answer "not me". However, when you said "at what price", then you got me thinking. I doubt they'd offer it at a price I'd consider...but at $500 I'd consider it. You know, it's nice to be able to find that one Ford dealer we used to hate on here (I won't mention the name). :hysterical:



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Just look at a nav system in a Explorer at your dealer, Its the same thing. Then take into account that the system is about twice as heavy as a normal 6 disc. :(


Wildosvt: you can not be on the same thread during discussions that involve breast pumps. It just aint right. :baby: V :baby:

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My navigation system is called a "map". :read:


This "map" is available at dealers and retailers across the country, costs about $4.95, and weighs much less than a bag of colostrum. :baby:


A "map" is also available in a variety of colors, unlike the standard electronic navigation device, which is (or should be) only available in pink or in a rainbow pattern. :poke:



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TwinTurboBoss..Glad to see you discussing a positive (happier)topic these days.


I would like to have a nav sys if the price was right,not much over $500






I have been trying to forget about the other deal somewhat as trying to give FORD a chance to respond.


Getting excited about my replacement car...


Still pretty pissed at the dealer lying about entire deal telling me I had to remove it from ebay because FORD wanted car back. Then they have the balls to put it right back up on ebay and I am short 6000.00 from what I paid. Not good


Anyway I was promised a NAV system in my car but did not want to say much about it. Now that the info has been released by FORD I was just curious to others opinions on it and how much.

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