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KBB used car pricing for 2007 GT500


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Those are some low numbers... I don't think I've seen any GT500 used go for 33k save for maybe one or two rare cases and those had plenty of miles on them.


I usually looked on Ebay, seemed like ones that were really low miles and in good condition went from anywhere between 35k and 38k depending.


But maybe times have changed in the last month.

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www.edmunds.com is a totally different story...




trade in 31055


private 33138


dealer 34789


i use outstanding condition and 12,000 miles.


Trade-in numbers will always vary depending on what you are trading for. Trade for a $125,000 car and you could get a different number than when trading for a $25,000 car. It also depends on the popularity of the car you are trading for. Trust me, if someone wants to trade for one of our slow-moving vehicles, you are going to see the best trade number we can put out right now. $31,000 is the typical Mannheim value right now, and gets used by a lot of dealers when trading for something more expensive. Besides the current economic factors, there are lots of used and new GT500s available, and that will always drive prices down.

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good points but these are not 'normal' times. i would suspect the only gt500's being sold used are ones whose owners unfortunately had to let them go for financial reasons.


emailcm, like my 401k account, since i bought my gt500 i try to never look at the current market value of the car. if i did that i would be much toooooo depressed. knowing that the dow has lost 50% of it value since 1997, the 2007 gt500 current market value isn't bad after all.


anyway, i bought it to drive it so i consider it a 'loooong' term asset, not an investment.


17,000 miles and absolutely lovin it!!!

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