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A True Loss

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Last Friday afternoon, Larry H Miller, the owner of the Utah Jazz NBA team, passed away due to complications from double leg amutation in an effort to curb the affects of Type 2 diabetes. This is a great loss to Utah and the world. :cry:


His advertising slogan is "You Know This Guy". If you did anything for receation or entertainment in the Salt Lake area you probably did know of him. If you bought a car, you probably were at one of his 40+ dealerships. My family has purchased several cars from his dealerships over the years. My 07SGT2940 :drool: came from his performance Ford dealership, Champion Ford. He owned the Jazz, a triple A baseball team, mega plex movie theaters, restaurants and the Miller Motorsports Park. He also sponsored charities and a schalarship program for 300 kids who otherwise wouldn't get a college education. :angel: He was opionated and had his critics over the years but he was open minded enough to listed to both sides and admit when he was wrong.


What most folks in Utah don't know is his extensive Shelby collection at the Motorsports Park museum. I was fortunate enough to take a lap around the road course at the Motorsports Park in my SGT last fall as part of the Miller Challenge Series weekend. Champion Ford and the Motorsports park are sponsors of our car club, Northern Utah Mustang Owners Assoc. We has our Christmas party at the museum. I never saw so many Cobras and Shelby Mustangs in one place before, including the actual Cobra made famous in the song "Hey Little Cobra". He was also one of the few people in the world who has one of each Mark GT-40, as well as one of, I think, 5 street legal GT-40s produced in the '60s. The cars all start and are 100% driveable. The staff rotates them with other ones stored off site several times a year.


His family held a news conference the night he died. They were very classy and handeled things well considering the circumstances. His son Greg took over the business operations last summer, just in case something like this happened. He said of all the things he remembers and enjoyed doing with his Dad, driving the Cobras and GT-40s were the most memorable. His Dad said the Shelby automobile is an American treasure and he was just the steward of this collection. The cars belong to all of us. They plan to keep the collection on display and accessable fro all of us to enjoy.


I'm glad to say I "knew" this guy.

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