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Vegas Race ticket package


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Anyone interested tonight a friend of mine is putting his tickets on e-bay for sale.All i know is the user ID is hwh325 .He's getting a ss package but can't make race.Here is a copy of e-mail i got.




Hi guys. Got my tickets,a nd here is what I desided to do. If you want to post these on a site, I would appriciate it. You dont have to, if you dont have time.


There are 4 Friday, Qualifying day tickets.

There are 4 Saturday, Sams town 300 tickets.

There are 8 Sunday, 427 race tickets.

There is 1 parking pass good for all 3 days.


All seats are in the Ernhart Terrace. Stub hub asking $250 and up for these seats. (I have NO RESERVE on these seats)


Also, there are 1 pair of VIP suit (suit126) with parking pass for EACH DAY. (3 pair total)


Bidding starts tonight, and runs only until Sunday. Ebay user ID; hwh325 is doing this for me. A note of interest is....there is NO reserve on these tickets. You can get suit tickets for $20. What ever is not sold, I will donate to the Shelby Foundation.



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