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Have you guys read this abut the Croc?

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I cringed and got sick reading about this-

Croc eats 5 y.o.


But this story infurated me -

Don't kill croc who ate my boy


Now granted I would have no problem removing its "pea sized brain" with my Remington 870 but here are some of the story quotes -


Police said the father and son, who have lived on the river for five years and who have an intimate knowledge of the dominant aggressive male crocodiles in the river system, were able to identify the killer.


Locals said they had seen the croc in recent weeks hiding in the mangroves away from the fast-flowing cold floodwaters.


The two boys had been playing on a boogie board in a mangrove swamp behind their family home as their father Steve fixed a mangrove boardwalk nearby when tragedy struck about 9.15am on Sunday.


Now maybe I don't understand but you don't let your young boys play in the swamp where an aggressive male croc was spotted, but then maybe that's just me. That's like me seeing a ball of cottonmouths in the pond but letting my grandson play in the water. WTF??

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