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Good morning to all. Brand new member. Just trying to get used to the site. Purchase my 2008 Shelby GT Convertible March 1 2008, Lafayette Ford, Fayetteville NC, # 2037 VERT, M, Vista Blue. Looking forward to sharing information and pics!


Welcome. In my neck of the woods. We live in Carolina Lakes. Have not see your car around town yet though. Picked mine up 29 Feb 08 at Crown. If you have not already check out Heart of Carolina Mustang Club.


We need to link up on a good day.


HCMC has a dyno day in Benson, NC at Big Woods Racing on 3/28---lots of fun last year and a great turn out.


Shoot me a PM and I will give you my cell number.



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Welcome to the fold!! Pictures Pictures Pictures!!

Be sure to visit the "Shelby Arrival Forum" or at the top of the Shelby GT Forum list there's a thread called "Post Your CSM# Here"

Update all of your vehicles info/options there too - helps those keeping track . . . um . . . keep track?


Team Shelby and the Forums here are full of great people - many of us started out with the same questions you likely have so don't hesitate to ask them!



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Jim paint it BLACK Bruce

If I could have gotten a 2007 (which was just impossible in San Diego at the time) it would have been black. However, blue is my favorite color and was the color of my '66 fastback Mustang so blue works for me.



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Welcome to the insanity! You'll enjoy the site and the people on here are for the most part, the GREATEST you'll ever meet! Enjoy the new ride and keep posting pictures. We ALL love pictures...


Yep, I second that, welcome to the insane asylum! Next stop, the MOD zone...





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