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A "Wheel" Decision

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Which color comes closest to matching the '08 Stripes on the verts?


Silver or Gunmetal?


The wife is getting new wheels, and this is a deciding factor in her decision.


Also she thinking of 18" or 20", Razors or CS-40's.


TDS :shrug:

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Gunmetal is a perfect match and looks great, but silver looks good too. I have yet to see them on a blue SGT.


The Razors look great with either 18's or 20's. CS40's you must go with 20's because I believe they only make those sizes.


If you are going for ride,comfort and track use, I would chose 18's.

If it is more about looks and cruising, I would go with 20's.


It's all up to you and your wife.


My personal opinion is to put 20 inch gunmetal razors.

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