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What are folks doing with their Take-off parts?


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Got the call for the SS ast week. Planning to send in the deposit later this week and probably take in for conversion this summer.


The cost is an issue for me.... but we are probably going to be able to squeek by.


Question for those who have had SS done.....


what have you done with the take-off parts? sold them? if so, by what method? how much can you make in today's market with the take-off parts?


I am just interested as this can certainly help defray the costs a bit. thanks for comments.



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I sold most of the parts to guys on here.


I did sell the wheels and tires on ebay. I still have the supercharger that Im going to put on ebay this week.



Congrats on getting the call



I have sold everything except the Wheels/tires and the supercharger. How much do you think you will get for the supercharger?



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