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Lessons learned for installing bezels and driving lights

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The lights are finally in and I have a few tips if you're going to attempt doing the job yourself.

1. Get some car ramps. You'll have to put a couple of 2"X4"'s in front of the ramps to give the car enough elevation to clear the front air dam before driving up the ramps.

2. Remove the splash guard from underneath the radiator. This makes the whole job a lot easier.

3. The template for marking the bumper incerts is great for marking the bolt hole locations for the bezels but pretty worthless for the break duct and driving light hole locations. I cut the exact diameters called out for and couldn't get the bezels in because of the break duct and driving light extensions. The bezels don't go straight in but on an angle. What I ended up doing was cutting all of the incert away except for a 3/4"X3/4" tab where the bolt holes are located.

3. The metal hole guide that is provided is marked driver's side and passenger's side. Following the directions you'll be required to drill the mounting brackets from the fender side. This requires either a very small drill or an offset drill because there just isn't enough room to get anything bigger in there. Instead of following the directions, I used the passenger's side of the hole guide on the driver's side and the driver's side on the passenger's side. Mark the inside of the car frame instead of the outside. The hole locations work out to be the same. This will allow the use of a full size drill that can be applied from behind the air conditioning condenser.

4. The mounting brackets on the driving lights need to be attached to the supplied aluminum brackets before you install the aluminum brackets to the frame. If you don't, you'll never get them tightened if you try and attach the whole light assembly to the aluminum bracket if the bracket is installed first. Remove the light mounting bracket from the light by removing the 2-10mm side bolts.

5. Have metric wrenches and sockets. Everything is metric. The bolts on the splash guard are 5.5mm. Everything else is 10mm except for the mounting bracket on the light; it's 17mm.


Attached are some pics of the installed lights as well as a pic of the MidWest Automotive Radiator cover and light covers I installed. I added the SHELBY logo and Carol signed the panel over the driver's side light.






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For the sake of everyone getting this info can we stick to ONE thread on this topic?


Please see:



I have posted this, and other member's suggestions, in a single PDF for easy download.



If you'll check, I'm the same crucible who started the other thread. I added this one to avoid any confusion over my latest would be missed.

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