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Removal of Ford Factory Grill, I need Help?

philip 87

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Need assistance.......

I am wanting to remove the entire ford grill that the billet grill is attached to on my Gt-H. I am installing an entirely different billet grill.

I can see that the grill snaps into place in many locations. I have tried to kind of snap it out but I fear that I will break off the ends of the housing that the grill is snapped into..........Sounds confusing...sorry. I don't want to muscle it out and BREAK something. There has to be a way to do it properly.

Does anyone here know a way to do this without breaking the clips or the inserts they clip into?

Is there a special tool?

Hope someone knows the trick.........Thanks...Philip

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If you want an easier install, you NEED to remove the entire front fascia. The main tools you need once you have the front fascia out, is just needle nose pliers and a flat head screw driver.


Speaking of course about the Grille replace and not the fascia.


Give me a couple minutes and I'll find a "how to."

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Yes, the easiest way it to remove the front bumper cover/facia, which gives you easy access to the tabs that the clips snap into. I recently removed the pony grill and fogs from a V6 S197. It took me lke 2 mins, only the bumper cover was already removed. -Steve

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