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SS TransformationQuestion

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What would you experienced folks with transformed Shelbys recommend for engine break in prior to having your car Snaked?


Thx in advance,






I had 18 miles on mine when it was delivered to shelby from friendly ford


56 miles when I picked the car up


( I think Bud must have taken it home for the weekend :hysterical::hysterical: )

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Mine had right at 800. I picked it up at SAI drove to LA and back. Then sometime on the track.


Didnt change the oil until after it was snaked. Changed it about 1000 miles after I got it back.





Thx MM,


Thanks to the other gents as well. I don't drive the car much since we have six months of winter wx in the DC area and I'm on the road quite a bit with my job, and the opportunitty to put a lot of miles on the car is slim. I was wondering if I should be concerned if I send the car down with out any break in mileage?


Thx in advance. This web site is the best to belong to.



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