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Just Got My GT/CS Plates


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Okay - I have to ask. What's the story behind Tanabanana?


When she gets back from the baby shower she is attending, I will have her explain. After 29 years, I too would like a better explaination. I do know, but it stems back to 10th grade at Sunset High School with all her girly friends, and it just kinda stuck.

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Here is mine and, a suggestion for the second one in WA!



I like it! It appears yours has the stamped (embossed) characters. The vanity plates in Washington state are silk screened and the characters are black vs the regular blue color and embossed characters.


Does Arizona allow only six characters?

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What does the plate cost. is the fee every 2 years?





It is an extra $47.75 annually over the regular annual registration. See the Washington DMV website to instantly check availability of a desired plate.




(If for some reason the link does not copy cut and paste the above to your browser.)

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