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2009 Shelby 427 GT500 Super Snake


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I saw on this website http://www.topspeed.com/cars/car-news/2009...ay-ar70340.html that they are selling a 2009 Shelby 427 GT500 Super Snake on eBay. It is for a fund raiser for children, so its for a good cause. If you want to check it out try to find it on ebay or look at the pictures on the site I gave you. I think it had the link to the eBay page. Oh man, I wish I could bid for it. So beautiful. I am a big fan! but knowing eBay and how it works they will probably auction it off for more that what you would initially pay for it. Oh I just read that it will be auctioned off on feb 19th. lucky person :banghead:

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