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My 19 month wait finally ended on Monday!!


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I went through hell getting my Shelby, but after driving it this week all I got to say is it was worth the wait and all the BS it took to get it. Here is a summary of what it took for me to get it.


3/29/05 Left deposit with dealer, my worksheet stated "price not to exceed MSRP".


8/1/05 Notified by dealer that they do not intend on honoring my deal. I was given the option of having my deposit refunded or keeping my place on the waiting list (#1). Needless to say, I didn't ask for the deposit back. I contacted my attorney and he said that I should do nothing at this point, but call him back when I place the order.


3/23/06 My original order is placed. I immediately contact my attorney.


4/3/06 I meet with my attorney and we draft a letter to stealership requesting written assurances that they will honor my deal as written. Letter is sent.


4/11/06 We recieve a letter from stealership attorney that they do not intend on honoring my deal and that I will have to pay 15K ADM.


4/19/06 We file a civil lawsuit against dealer for Fraudulent/Intentional Misrepresentation, Negligent Misrepresentation, Voilation of Unfair Trade Practices, Breach of Contract.


6/1/06 I'm informed that owner of dealership changed my order in April and took my car for himself. Now I'm starting to get pissed.


7/12/06 We recieve a fax from dealers attorney, they have finally agreed to sell me the Shelby at MSRP!! Things are starting to look good, but there are issues with the timing of dropping the lawsuit, ordering the car and delivery. We hold our ground, the lawsuit will not be dropped until I take delivery. I'm not taking the chance of having the rug pulled out from under me. As I told my attorney, I have the hammer (lawsuit) and I'm not putting down until the car is in my possession.


8/26/06 The dealer finally agrees to order my car before the lawsuit is dropped. The release for the lawsuit is drawn up and all parties agree on the terms. The order is placed!!


10/17/06 My attorney leaves me a message that my car has arrived, but I'm out of town until Saturday. :censored:


10/21/06 I go up to see the Shelby, it's un :censored: believable. I'm psyched and I can't wait to drive the monster.


10/23/06 I pay for the Shelby, delivery should be today or tomorrow so I think. The rest of the week I won't talk about except to say that it was a cluster :censored: .


10/30/06 I sign release and finally get my Shelby. :rockon: Here are some pictures.


FYI: My attorney fees were roughly $2,500.00, money well spent.

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