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whipple 550 hp sc installed

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this is the 550 hp whipple kit installed with autometer dash pod and cobalt guages.. the car is a blast, just listening to that whine is enought to get ur heart pumping.. bad news is my boost guage no longer works and my check engine light came on (p0171, p0174 trouble codes), has anybodys engine light came on within 24 hrs of install yet?? the car drives perfect so im hoping its nothing serious.. another question i had this done at KCM is there no way to get sgt/sc stripes since its not installed at QP or TASCA??












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Forgive me for being slow to pick up on the difference. . . . . . . . . . . what is the significance of the Whipple 550hp kit? Is this something different? A new model? Larger Supercharger? What's different from the Whipple HO 500hp kit that SPP sells??







I think they are the same--it puts out 550 hp. Tasca quotes it as 550 HP Whipple. Hope this helps


Added 15 Feb 09----

Actually I just went through the FRRP catalog and the 500 is for the 2007 model. The 550 is for the 2008-2009 model cars. Different part numbers for them.

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As to your last question, I think that you cannot get GT/SC designation unless the work is done by SAI.


I saw one of these 550 Whipples at Tasca a few weeks ago that had just been installed on a SGT, it was polished and looked nice!! I can only imagine the power.

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I had those exact same codes pop up. I took it back twice and the tuner couldn't get it right.


Third time I took it elsewhere (DynoJoe) and with the help of Jim D'Amore we got the tune right and the codes never returned.


Don't know what was wrong in the tune, but it was definitely the tune.

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A fuel pressure gauge is nice but the Autometer Cobalt series also has the wide band air/fuel gauge that is a must if you want to know what is going on in your engine NOW. That is a real time reading that will show you too lean...well before you melt down your engine. It doesn't talk long to destroy a piston as these engines were not built like the 5.4 SC engines. Careful out there the pin is pulled...

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These tunes come from FRPP and they run rich. Contact FRPP also as the shop only installs the tune they provide unless you had a custom tune. I would keep it with the FRPP tune as they never had a failure with that tune and is plug and play.


As for the 500 vs 550 Whipple kits, there is a slight tune difference from FRPP and a 3.375 pulley is used for 11psi boost vice a 3.5 pulley that nets 10psi.


Agree with the above I would get with the shop and FRPP and not be driving it (boosting) until this is resolved. I had my kit installed 6 months ago and never an issue with codes or being lean.


On the boost gage, there is or should be a black plastic 'barbed' tee fitting that vacuum / boost rubber tubing slides on. These don't fit tight enough and the boost will blow off. I have the same set up and gages you do and that is what happened to me. I small zip tie will cure that. The tee is at the rear area of the S/C and should be on the passenger side right at the rear corner bottom of the blower.


I would also check the location the shop did installing the intercooler pump (if intercooled) because these by instructions are mounted low enough something could break it off like a curb. Anyway mine is mounted up behind the driver turn signal light. I have a post in here on my set up.



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