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No Krylon for Canadian's dash plaque


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Wanting to get some UV protection on the dash plaque. Read all the good stuff from Grabber,but can't find matte finish Krylon. Well plan b use the 3M clear UV protection film (used on front end of car to prevent stone chips). First we test, I got a piece of aluminum and signed my name on it with a sharpie and let dry for 3 weeks. Test the 3M product, don't go here my sharpie signature starts to smear. Ok back to the Krylon, search all of the island and mainland can find gloss but no matte finish. :cry: contact my local RONA store (like a home depot but fly's a Canadian flag)Krylon retailer. Rona person contacts Krylon (some where in Georgia) Krylon does not sell the matte finish in Canada and gives no reason why. :banghead::banghead: Find a retailer on line in the only county in the world that sells Krylon matte finish. Cool product is on sale 4.00 off :happy feet: add to my cart and check out; what 15.10 shipping :banghead: what ever I need it, I want it, got to have it, so I buy. Now lets hope the Krylon police do not catchup with me; 20 years pipe time for importing Krylon matte finish UV clear coat. :doh:

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