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My Daughters GT500!!

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After a friend of mine asked me to put stripes his powerwheels I decided it was time to make a GT500 for my two daughters (since they love my black vert so much!) This has been a labor of love so I thought I would share.


Here is what the vehicle looked like before I started working on it. Found it used on Craigslist.




And here is the current view... Still have to finish up the grill and fender emblems. Paint a few more things and put on a few more decals. Mainly odds and ends for round 1 of mods. Next I will start working on the electrical and power mods, but I wanted to get it back together so the kids can enjoy it for a while. I will update this as I move on with the project.











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awsome...now thats COOL!!!!!!!!

will you put a kenne bell on this one too :peelout::peelout::yup::yup:

Yes - so to speak. I will be bumping it up from 12VDC to 18VDC. I could go to 24VDC but then you start ripping up gear boxes.

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Uh, I can see how a 40's-ish single guy that lives with his parents has time for that kind of thing, but you're a DAD! How do you do it?? After Cheer camp practice for her and TaeKwonDo practice for him then homework then dinner then... I barely have time for Dad's Shelby (which needs to have the two new fuel pumps installed that have been sitting in the box for 2+ weeks :( ) You must be better with your time than me. BTW it came out sweet, are you still gonna let them play with it? :lol:




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Only one small mod today. Got tired of the plastic tail pipes so I covered them with some aluminum tape and made new black decals for the center. Now they are shiny!





Looks like you need new tires already. Yeah if you bump it up to 24 volts I bet you will need a wheely bar.

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