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My GT500's first mods, let the madness begin (PICS)

500 Blue

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Well I have been bit by the bug BIG time. The list is long and only a few parts have arrived but I can not take it anymore, heh.


I have recently got my Radiator support cover and Strut tower brace back from the painters. As you can see in the picture I got a pair of MRT hood struts that are in the finishing process of getting painted Vista to match my other parts.








Also I order a pair of clear turn signals with stealth bulbs from stangmods. I had them on my Roush and really enjoyed them. I have not had a chance to install these yet.




As many of you know I have also ordered a set of KR mufflers that arrived damaged. To my pleasant surprise I found the tracking number today to another set that is on its way to me as a replacement.




To go with these I have ordered an H pipe which has not made it to my door yet. I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger this week on a set of Shelby Razors I have been drooling over since before I owned the car (Which was only about 3 weeks ago, lol). I ordered a set of 20" Chrome Razors with Toyo Proxes 4 tires. These should be here Thursday or Friday.


I think I am going to wait until I get my H pipe before installing the new mufflers. As the car is stock BUT does have a custom tune that was not done locally. I think I am going to do a quick dyno pull after install my exhaust parts to ensure safe A/F ratios.


I also have a dash plaque and passenger Air bag cover waiting at the CSCF to be signed by the man himself.


I got in the mail today my cool Certs I'm looking forward to use at car shows.






I also pick up a Nice tool set as well. Since you won't be able to find these very soon I actually picked up two tool sets.






I have probably forgot about something but that will do for now. I will update this post as my parts arrive and get installed. Thanks for everyone here for answering all my annoying questions I have had and helping buy this awesome machine.



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Really looks great - and so it begins....


not sure if you have heard about it but if you are in Florida, you should plan on coming to the Horsepower on the Horsefarm meet at the end of the month - gives guys a chance to see what you have done to your car and also you will get a chance to see just about every mod available on other cars from all the different superchargers, suspensions, interior mods etc - Justin with VMP Tuning will be there with his portable Dyno, really a good time



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Thanks for the compliments, these are just the start of the mods. Will have more like everyone else eventually. Right now my want list is way too long to list. I think the finished product will work well.


Ware in Florida do you live?


I live in the FL panhandle. In the City of Crestview.


Very cool!


How did you get the Shelby Certificate!

I would love to get one for mine.



Hello, all you have to do is call (800) FORD788

And ask them about it. I think the price was $45

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The tool kit is available through a retail store called "Restoration Hardware". Tim the Tool Man wouldn't think it was much of a hardware store, but that's another story. They have an exclusive with Shelby for the tool kit, Franklin Mint Shelby replicas, hats, t-shirts and HO scale raceways. The tools are really cool, besides being in a bag that just begs to be displayed, each tool is etched (yes, really etched) with the cobra logo and the screen printed CS signature along the handles. The replicas are very cool. I've never owned a Franklin Mint replica before and the gloves they pack with them are somewhat intimidating, but very exact and beautiful. The raceway is just flat fun. I have mine set up in a side office at my business and run in and blow off a little "stress" from time to time during the day......as you can tell I spend WAY too much money there. The tool kits were down to $60something, as were the replicas, the raceway was $140 and some change. Look them up on the internet. I found everything in stock at the Nashville TN store. It's a hoot!

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Well my Razors showed up Friday afternoon and I had them installed at my local ford dealer. They did a great job. They used an actual Torque wrench to tighten the lugs down, checking several times. He told me he torqued each lug 3 times. I watched him pull all the brake caliper retainer clips off the car as well (some of the hubs had 2-3 clips each). The funny thing is he did NOT program the new TPMS sensors that were in the tires. He showed me in the ford manual stating they do not need setting/resetting unless the car has different pressures front and rear like the F series. I would not have believed it if he didn't let me read his manual. He said if the TPMS light comes on or if I have any problems bring it down and he will program them. Not too bad for $15 huh?


After all this I still get a slight wheel shake about about 55-65 MPH. The tires showed up mounted and balanced, I think I'm going to have them rebalanced on Monday to see the outcome. I also have a set of hubcentric rings if needed. I went with 20x9 Chrome SHELBY Razor wheels with P255/35R20 Front and P295/30R20 Rear with Toyo Proxes 4 tires with new TPMS sensors installed. I used 24mm offset up front and a 40mm offset in the rear to "tuck" the tire in.














I also purchased some MRT hood struts and had them painted to match the car. I put the bottom brackets on the wrong place so it took a little time to put these on correctly and figure out what I had done wrong. I think they came out well. Please so do not mind the dirty car. The dirt/water spots were invisible at dusk when the pictures were taken. Please be assured it will be nice and clean tomorrow.






From the direction of another forum's member I created a nice little power plug cover. It was pretty fun and inexpensive to make.


I am still waiting on my Shelby Dash plaque as well as a passenger Air bag cover to get signed by Mr. Shelby. I have a few other dress up odds and ends on the way. More too come. Thanks for reading.........



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Where did you purchase the wheels/tires from? Cost?




I bought the wheel/tire from RTtire.com. Give him a ring and he will give you the cost. I wasn't bad, with the sensor and bands, wheels and tires I could not find a better deal on the net.



If I may ask, where did you buy the radiator support cover? I think that really dresses up the engine compartment!

Thanks :happy feet:


That is the OEM cover I removed and had it painted. I happy you like it.

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I got some more goodies in today. I am pretty excited about all this good stuff. Looking forward to my first car show. :banana:


I ordered a couple of Niche-Line shirts, to my delight they had something extra special on them!!










I also got back a piece I sent off for signing with some help, Thanks Grabber, I am looking forward to install this on this upcoming weekend! I just hope I dont' destroy something as I am removing my air bag and the cover!






These are some parts that are made by a member from another forum. They are made to cover the ugly Brake Fluid Res, PCM, and a piece for the battery. I hope to have some Install pictures of these this weekend also.






Here is a piece I mentioned in a previous post but didn't post a pic. A little plug cover I made.



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