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Dems: "We RAISE Taxes, We Don't PAY Taxes!!"

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Don't ANY of the Obama democrats pay taxes???


The new Treasury Secretary


Then Daschle, nominated for Health and Human Services


And now:


"...Nancy Killefer, who failed for a year and a half to pay employment taxes on household help, has withdrawn her candidacy to be the first chief performance officer for the federal government, the White House said Tuesday..."


I guess this is the Hope and Change we have been hearing so much about.


However, Democrats not obeying the laws that they make for everyone else ISN'T change at all, only business as usual!!



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I just saw where both of these weasels withdrew their names. :happy feet: If we didn't pay our taxes we'd all be in jail by now, or maybe public office. What gives? :headscratch:


I wonder what the next batch of nominees will be like? Maybe I should go to the Post Office to look for candidiates on the FBI bulletin borad posted there. :hysterical:

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I think we can eliminate the budget deficit if all of the Dems would pay their taxes like the rest of us!!!!


Now it's the Labor Secretary's nominee family!!!!!


Don't ANY of the Dems follow the rules and pay their taxes!!!!!




What a bunch of Bozos!!!!

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