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Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2009 Trip Report


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Here are my photos from the Scottsdale, 2009, auction. I was there for 4 days, and had some really wonderful photo opportunities. I took almost 600 shots, and these are the ones that would probably interest Shelby and Mustang fans. Not to exclude lots of other really great collector cars and those few times I didn't have my camera with me.


I've tried to organize the shots (some shot on different days) with "themes".


There are probably more than 10 replies. Be patient, I'll say when I'm done.


Since TS limits attachments/links to Photobucket to 10 per reply some replies will be continuations.

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First group of photos is my favorite car of the whole shebang. Yep, even more than my Cobra.


On Saturday as I was leaving, having been warned that I needed to check the coolant in the Cobra before shipping it I'd spent some time on my knees on the floor by my car. It had some fine company - the CobraJet, the Olds proto, the Hurst Viper and my car were all in a group in the front of the expo tent all in a row.


I'd been using the trunk of my BJ SHelby Mustang as my dump and I was on the way back to the hotel (after failing to connect with MadMax (now Max) and HSURB because Max lost his phone. For these photos alone I'm sort of happy we didn't go out on the date :)


I went to get my camera stuff from the Mustang and was exiting the doors and


Holy Cow.


Out in the middle of the parking lot is Mr. Pratte's 001-BRD. This is the first documented sold T-Bird. (Rumor there is another one but it went somewhere but was never licensed or titled.)


It went for $600K. He stole it. Two years ago this would be a real bona fide $1M+ vehicle. The quality is just too high, and I feel sorry for the seller that it didn't do better.


I walk out the doors and there it is. Nobody around it. Just sitting there in the middle of the lot by the key tent waiting to be pulled back into the expo tent, or somewhere, it wasn't seen again on Sunday.


The lighting is harsh, very reflective and the photos don't do it justice. Really, this paint job was without a doubt the best black paint finish I'd ever seen. It was perfect. Harsh lights like these usually (like direct sunlight) show every flaw. There were none. It's a real 50's black paint job too - not the modern black reflective paint with clearcoat. It did have some lacquer or something over it, but it was pristine.


Everyone rags on Pratte for his selfishness and not showing his cars, but I heard from a couple of usually reliable sources that there is a building under construction somewhere in the valley that will open in a few years that will house his collection. It'll be a major place to go. Because of what he has John Hendricks will have a competitor.


By the way, I can't wait to actually see the Supersnake that he bought a couple of years ago for $5M (+10%)















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I was on my feet for 12 hours a day for 4 days. I walked around outside and saw lots of cool stuff. Pretty much everyone that makes anything related to cars was there - either around the periphery of the Westworld complex or inside the arena. The arena had three sections - the Expo "tent", the main auction area, and a vendor tent. Small stuff (like collectible photos and diecast cars, and the Ford, Bently, some helicoptors and jets) were inside. Other stuff was outside.


I didn't buy one of these pickups.








There were also some very nice motor homes nearby and next door was the Roush, Superformance, Factory Five and another Cobra clone builder whose name excapes me right now. The Superformance folks had Cobras, and a GT40. I think they might have had a Daytona Coupe but I didn't get pictures because my camera was in the Mustang and I forgot about my cell phone.

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Funny that the reason that I went to BJ shows up as #6 in my list. My co-pilot and I donated one of our BJ Shelby GTs to the Carroll Shelby Childrens Foundation. Photos of that part of the weekend are here.


I got a great amount of support for this from Barrett Jackson, CSCF and SAI.





















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Here are some random Mustangs - Boss and Mach1s. These aren't the Shelbys, but there were some truly beautiful Mach1s in this group.


There were some fantastic deals in this category. I bid on a few but I'd had a mission on two cars that came before and after some of these.





















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My second favorite car of the show was the CobraJet. I wandered by when one of the Ford guys was there and chatted with him for quite a while. He told me that he was their test driver and that he had the front wheels off the ground frequently while testing it. It went for I think $375K on Saturday night, proceeds to Ford's charity.


It sounded awesome going up on the block, but the Cobra sounded better.


Oh and now I remember (from the last shot in this group) the other car that was in the front of the "showpiece" arena. The CobraJet, my Cobra, the Olds, the Hurst Viper and on the left of the CobraJet is the realy original Eleanor Mustang. It was sweet too (with a Nitrous tank in the back).





















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There were some beautiful 'Vettes there. I have seen a few that I like but I like the old Mustangs and Cobras better, but these I just couln't pass up taking their portraits.


For the record the theme of this auction was GM's garage sale. They sold almost everything they had for protos, one of a kind one offs, "first editions" etc. None of these were in that group.


The 427 Stingrays were sweet. Cobra will beat them though.















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There were two Eleanor ("Gone In 60 Seconds") cars. One was real, one was made by the "Unique Motorcars" guys in Texas that got shut down. It was pretty (both were), and it still drew a respectable price, but I just had to blow it off as a fake.





















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Misc cool cars, including some cherry Mopars that didn't get no respect. Captions interspersed.



Someone stole this one. I looked at it in the tent with the owner, and listened to it when it was driven in.






I got lucky on this one. The KR in the Ford expo area had good light and this badge just stood out. The background is the black paint. Good camera, eh?





For those Shelby GT owners, this is the underneath of your (and my) car(s). It was part of the FRPP parts area.




This Autotrader hood was out when Goose Gossage was there signing autographs. He gave me two - one to keep and one that was supposed to go with the car. I put mine in the trunk and the other one next to the poster I had on the car, but the Goose autograph was gone the next morning. Kind of slimy.




Goofy Jeep. Had a gas powered gun on top. It was gone later in the day (the gun, not the Jeep).





Mr. Pratte.



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Part 2










Bodacious Babe Driving Her 55 Corvette street rod into the auction. She drove it up on the stage too. Bodacious car too, eh?



This Torino was in line just behind my car going in. I got so wrapped up afterwards that I didn't get to see how much it went for. It sounded wicked.






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There were lots of very nice T-birds too (besides 001-BRD at the beginning of this).



This is an "F" bird, factory supercharged.









This is one of the two E-Birds. This one had the carb covers polished. The black one I bid on was original unpolished aluminum. I lost but I got a Cobra instead. Once again, I didn't have my camera with me when I got to get close to it.








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Great shots as always Tony. I really would like to go there sometime, but January is already a tough month for me with vacation since I have to take off the first week for Daytona testing and then a week for the 24 hours of Daytona. Someday! At least I get to see your pictures! Thanks!

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Great shots as always Tony. I really would like to go there sometime, but January is already a tough month for me with vacation since I have to take off the first week for Daytona testing and then a week for the 24 hours of Daytona. Someday! At least I get to see your pictures! Thanks!


Vegas in October is more consistently available for me. I only did Scottsdale this year because of my BJ SGT (although it is a classic case of right place / right time for the Cobra).

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Sounds like a plan. I think my wife and I will start planning Vegas for this year. October should work good for us also.


Driving out that time of the year is easy from the Denver area. We do it in one long day or leave about noon and go to Beaver or St. George Utah and then drive the rest of the way in the morning.

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