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driving lights/brake duct bezels

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got my confirmation today they are shipping mine I ordered at the BB. He said they have plenty of all of the pieces in stock, so if you want them they are there. :happy feet: :happy feet:


now if I could just find the time to install them once they get here :headscratch:


She should be stopping better soon too. :shift:



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I know that with the KB S/C intercooler - you have to choose between brake duct or lights - not room for both.


I am wondering if you have room with the Whipple S/C intercooler of if it's the same situation as with the KB??

I really like these ducts/lights and feel that it completes the look up front. But if they won't clear the intercooler on either S/C, I'm going to have to come up with something else. Perhaps the CS6 grille. . . . . . .



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