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How many 2008 SGT automatic coupes.


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I have been watching for the sale of a 08' SGT automatic coupe, and have never seen one. Does anyone know how many they made? Or even the total production numbers, showing amounts of automatics would be great.

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Somebody has got to have the production numbers for the 2008 Shelby GT.


I'm sure Roger can explain this better than I can but let me try.


Yes the numbers are there but its not like you can just type a few keystrokes to find this info. Also keep in mind that there were several different GT models like the California version and the Barrett Jackson version.


I'm sure Roger will make this info available as soon as he can but even something that sounds simple can sometimes be a pain to compile.



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Thank you very much. Like I said, I have been watching autotrader and ebay since the '08 came out and have seen only one auto coupe, but many auto convertibles. I was hoping to get one as a second owner but the odds are againgt that now that I see the numbers. This old clucth leg is getting worn out from driving the 65'. I still think it would be nice to have an automatic as a driver. When I get one, I will drive the wheels off as intended.

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are those numbers just the Vista Blue cars or do they include the BJ cars?


or the Orange Cali cars?


I heard the vista blue coupes with an auto were 1 of 114.

Not officially of course.

What is.





The numbers for 08 are all models.


14 Automatic Barrett Jackson Coupes

4 Automatic Shelby GT-C's

131 Automatic Vista Blue Coupes


Still need to cross reference with the Ford Records for an officail number though.

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From the numbers looks like they are the second rarest. The 4 SGT-H 2006 5 speeds being the most rare due to the total production run of 500.


A little better Michael, but it needs to get better pretty quickly, I'm heading back Sunday!

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