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Finally, the 2009 Shelby GT "R" Model is here!


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So i'm breaking down the list of items on this car to see what's likely to be available to SGT owners as possible mods?


1st - 550HP S/C. There goes the folklore that the bottom ends on the 4.6 can't hold up that much boost? Don't forget these are "track" cars and therefore likely to take more abuse than what we're throwing at our own?


2nd - Trans/Gears = FUN!


3rd - Roll cage??? Perk! Might this be available soon?


4th - Diff/Trans coolers? Interesting. More concerned about those two components rather than the non-forged internals?


5th - Side Exhaust? Without seeing pics does this mean the lower skirt is going to be different on these and will a "street-legal" version be available to SGT owners? I know, probably not likely since there's no where to ditch the mufflers.


6th - Chasis/Suspension - this almost elludes to a "different" chasis? Springs, I think we have that covered.


7th - Shelby designed wheels??? Can't wait to see those!


8th - Racing brakes w/ducts. THIS if anything has my attention! These obviously fit in 18" wheels!


9th - "R" grill.... well i'd be hesitant to throw it on mine if it's not really an "R"


10th - "Shelby" on hood and trunk? A new hood style? KR?


11th - Carbon fiber wing & splitter. I would imagine this is from the GT5 anniversary upfit/KR. I wouldn't mind a splitter..


12th - Racing mirrors? And i JUST put on my Agent 47's last night!!!


13th - Unless it's an "R"



What do you guys think?


2009 Ford Shelby GT "R Model" track day car highlights:



-- 4.6-liter supercharged V-8 producing an estimated 550-horsepower

-- 6-speed manual transmission with GT500 clutch, Ford Racing short-

throw shifter and 3.73:1 gears

-- Grand-Am spec roll cage

-- Upgraded cooling system including differential and transmission


-- Shelby performance side exhaust system

-- Lightweight production chassis with tuned suspension tuning including

new springs

-- Shelby-designed 18-inch wheels with racing tires

-- Racing brakes with front brake cooling ducts

-- Unique grill featuring classic Shelby 'R Model' design

-- 'Shelby' lettering across the front edge of hood and rear decklid,

Shelby badges on the quarter panels

-- Carbon fiber rear racing wing with billet stanchions and carbon fiber


-- White with silver stripes livery and racing mirrors

-- Carroll Shelby autograph on each car and official Shelby "R Model"

dash plate

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Sounds to me like this Shelby GT R model is essentially a Mustang Challenge car w/ a blower.


Quite a spread in price from the original Shelby GT! - hey, maybe it'll help pull our resale values higher....

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Well everybody was complaining about wanting a Shelby GT package, so here ya go. LOL That's a big boy toy with deep pockets. Not only does it cost a lot to buy it, it will cost a lot to keep it running on the track. Dying to see pics and specs. I'm wondering if it has forged internals. :lurk:

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These are based on the FR500S part number from Ford, modified by Miller Motorsports and finally modified by Shelby. So the cages are welded in by Watson Engineering before they ever leave Ford, so this is not an item which could be available for a street car unless you gut your car out and bring it to Watson Engineering. Transmission is also installed by Ford at the factory. Just about everything else is installed by Miller or Shelby, so I guess that it would be possible for them to sell the stuff aftermarket, but who knows if that will happen. Most parts are already avaliable other than the Shelby specific items. I can't wait to see a final car. It would be cool if they would give us a sneek peak before the media, but? I guess it would have to happen on the same day as the press release.

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I'm excited to see what they look like when they are completed!


550hp on a stock 4.6L 3V - very interested to see specs and what the lifespan of these engines will be with this setup.

Obviously they are going to pushed harder than my SGT ever would be with any form/type of S/C installed.


I had a thought that it would be based on the 5.4L GT500 like all the other major packages.

Perhaps this solidifies the suggestion that the Shelby GT was in fact the rebirth of the G.T.350 and the 2009 Shelby GT/R is now the 'Race' version of the Shelby GT. . . . .??? Maybe I'm insane in the membrain - but I think my SGT just got more interesting!



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I got 20 hrs of track time out of my S/C 4.6. I'm now building a new 4.6 that I hope will last longer. Carl





What was the failure point in your engine? In other words, what went out that made you decide to rebuild the engine? What SC are you running and how much boost? Reason I ask is that I haven't heard of any other stories of SGT/SC's having any engine failures...




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Matt, the compression in two cylinders are at 80 and the rest are at 120. I haven't open up the engine yet as I;m waiting on a new one from sean Hyland should be here next week and then I;ll take the old one apart and see what went wrong with it. I have a paxton 2200 at 10 lbs. Carl

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