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Will there be a 2010 Mustang Terlingua?


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We just made it to 2009. The only after market car company to start designing the 2010 Mustang is SMS.


It took Shelby a year to perfect a design that they liked and put it in a package production. I'm interested to see what they will come up with.

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I'm really liking this car more and more. I would be interested if their is a 2010 model in the works with all of the Shelby upgrades that they are putting on the 2008 and 09 Terlinguas.


I love the body style of the 2010 V6 and would definitely be interested in getting one sent in for the TRT package.



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Haven't posted in a while, but it just so happens that I was working on a Terror Rabbit

(that would be Link -- for all you Fear the Bunny members) CAR-toon of a 2010 V6.


This version is stuffed full with the 3.5 TT V6 motor. (It still needs side mirrors.)

Made a convertible one first, and will add a coupe next.



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